5 killer tips to create your business website more impactful

Posted on : 01 Jan 2021

Having a website and an appealing online presence allows your business to reach the desired customers which helps you to market your product efficiently. It is of utmost importance that your website thrives by a user friendly appearance. It takes practically seconds for your customer to scroll through your page and if they are not satisfied with what they see, they will jump off to something else. Hence, having a comprehensive website is pretty much essential for anyone who is ready to launch their business online. Having a good web design and development company plays an important role in fulfilling the minute details and having a professional approach towards website making.

Getting started to build the website of your dreams can be intimidating yet exciting. For those who have never had their own website or if you are looking for hacks to enhance your website, have a look at our extensive and killer tips on how you can make your website more impactful.


The first and the most crucial step before making a website is to create a domain name. There are three essential things which you need to keep in mind while making any domain name is that it should be short, simple and predictable. We all want users to regularly visit our website right? But that will only happen if your domain name is easy to remember. No one has the time to make a note of your domain name and go through it every time when they need to visit your page. A strong domain name increases the credibility of your brand, converting it into a big online presence. You should also keep in mind the length of the domain name. Mostly 6-10 words is good enough and easy to remember. Always remember that a good and relatable domain name is a solid investment and helps to attract more customers.



No one wants to land on your website yet unfortunately close it because it was tough to navigate right? Seamless navigating allows users to scroll and collect information from your website with ease. You never want your user to keep landing on a different page altogether. This breaks the attention span of the user and they just keep getting confused because of the loads of options to select from. Make sure to omit tabs with similar information and keep the call to action button limited to five for each page to avoid confusion.



Did you know that 75% of users who land on your website make judgement about your company's credibility based on visual designs alone? Your website should make the user’s eye easy to navigate through the pages. A person always lands on your website with an intention to find something, if you are able to provide the solution to that then they are completely satisfied with your service. A good design always makes the user easy to understand your brand through visuals, illustrations and text placement. It is essential to have a well-established brand. Customers always tend to recognize a brand with the help of colours, style or the logo. There are many UI UX design agencieswho will help you build an easy navigation system as per your needs.



A well designed website tends to load quickly on all devices be it on a desktop, android phone or a tablet. A visitor is more likely to stay longer on websites that can be loaded easily rather than those which take ages to load. Customers these days have limited patience and can get frustrated with minimum things. For example, if a person who has landed on your website is interested to buy your product and if the website itself doesn't load quickly, they will lose interest from the same. Your SEO consultant will also inform you that the website speed plays an important role in making your website rank on the first page of Google. Few things to consider while making your website high on speed is the image quality, HD video carousels and hosting networks. Making sure that your website loads quickly plays an important role in keeping your visitors intact.



Quality content provides value for the customers. Building trust and loyalty through your content is the first step of making your consumers believe your brand. If you know your target audience specifically, it becomes easier for you to jot down key content pegs to target your audience with ease. For example, having an ecommerce website development also provides immense selling opportunities for the client. An ecommerce website benefits the customers to purchase products or services online without searching for products in physical shops. This makes their shopping experience much easier and simple. Once the consumer can relate with the content on your website, they relate to your product or service. There is also a huge possibility that high quality content gets shared more often. The simple formula behind this is that if people find your content engaging, funny, educational, or insightful then that is the type of content they would like to share. We hope you keep all our killer tips in mind before starting your website. Always remember that it's never too late to follow your dreams and to build a website of course!